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Schoenhut Guitar Amp 5W


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This amplifier is the answer to the large demand for a high quality, economical and completely portable amplifier. You can attach the heavy-duty strap, sling it over your shoulder and take it anywhere.  Practice time doesn’t always coincide with access to a power source, as this amp can be powered by a 9V battery.  Anywhere you practice becomes your rehearsal hall.


INPUT: Connection for the instrument.
MASTER VOLUME: Controls overall sound output of amplifier – 0 (softest) to 10 (loudest)
TREBLE: Provides high and low frequency controls as desired. Turning the control knob clockwise increases high frequency.
FUNCTION SWITCH: The on/off switch with option for overdrive mode;  a light illuminates when the power is switched to “on”.
HEADPHONE CONNECTION: To almost any stereo headphone.
EXTERNAL DC POWER JACK: Connection to AC Adapter.

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