Classroom - Teacher's Guides

The GROW TEACHER’S GUIDES were developed by a group of teachers specialising in Early Childhood Development. The guides contain lesson plans for the duration of each term. Each lesson is planned, resources highlighted, and worksheets and templates are provided for the teacher’s convenience. Broken down into weekly lessons, each plan consists of 8 planned activities for each day, ensuring that all learning areas are covered during the week. The Teacher’s Guides are available for ages 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 and Grade R. Each Teacher’s Guide consists of age appropriate activities and materials, relating to a child’s immediate environment and expanded to the world around them. The GROW Teacher’s Guides are inclusive, keeping different cultural and economic backgrounds in mind, and can therefore easily be implemented in any Early Childhood Development Centre. The LEARNERS BOOKS are activity booklets for each child. This neatly bound book consists of all the activity/colouring-in pages that will be required when following the GROW Teacher’s Guides. The activity/colouring-in pages can however, be found in the Teacher’s Guides and may be photocopied for your convenience.