Engino Discovering Stem Solar Power


  • R 1,095.00

In our ever-changing world, renewable energy sources are key to the future of energy. This fun and educational solar powered toy is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the concept of green energy, while building cool models that are powered by the sun.

The set includes a 3V solar panel that powers up an electrical motor, along with instructions for 16 solar powered models, 8 printed while 3D interactive instructions for all models can be accessed through the free KidCAD app or the website. The solar panel module works immediately when exposed to the sun; batteries are not required. Keeping on the batteries to the motor doesn’t affect them since the 3V bypasses this energy (it generates enough electricity to activate very big models)!

Using the 144 sturdy plastic parts included made from ABS and following the instructions, kids can enjoy building challenges of models like a chopper car, a fan, a plane, a robot, a drawbridge, a winch crane and much more!

The booklet provides theory and fascinating facts in a fun way for young scientists to learn about renewable energy and all science about it. Theory of STEM concepts for the top five green energy sources and the technologies used in:

  • - Solar power, solar cells and solar thermal power stations;
  • - Wind power and air flow conversion while operating wind turbines; 
  • - Hydroelectric power and interesting types of hydropower production; 
  • - Geothermal power; - 1st and 2nd generation biofuels


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