Classic Boy Doll Rafael 18"

Our Generation

  • R 650.00

It's not always easy being the new kid, but Rafael loves an adventure and making new friends! Rafael is pretty special because he's the first ever our generation boy doll. Rafael plays on the school softball team and lives and breathes baseball every single day. He wishes to play professionally one day! He loves playing catch with his dad and two brothers. Rafael is a very passionate little boy and is the type of kid that will work hard for anything that he believes in. He's also a great student on top of that! He is a true inspiration to all other kids trying to balance sports and academics. To help him fit in, this 18-inch boy doll is wearing a stylin’ outfit with a cool purple hoodie, striped long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of comfortable grey sweatpants. These are not just boy doll clothes – girl dolls can mix and match them, too!!

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