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Schoenhut Musical Instruments

Toy pianos are a great way to introduce your child to a wonderful world of musical creativity, fun and enjoyment.  The table-top models (My First Piano, My First Piano II and Mini Baby Grand) and the award-winning Piano Pals are just right for babies and toddlers from 6 months to 2 years (but are also played by adults).  For children of 2 years or older, the range of grand pianos and upright pianos provide a perfect stepping stone to playing a musical instrument.

Other great child-size instruments include guitars, drums, harps and the ever-popular "band-in-a box".

Each Schoenhut® musical instrument:

  • is manufactured to high standards
  • is safe for your child to use in both the way the instrument has been designed and in the materials used
  • is painted with non-toxic lead-free paint and regular tests are carried out to confirm the safety of the paints used


Please note: The Schoenhut range is fully imported. To keep the prices as low as possible, we are using seafreight to transport the products. Therefore, if a product is not in stock, it could take up to 8 weeks for us to get it. If you need something that is out of stock more urgently, contact us to find out if we have already included one in a pending shipment. If we have not already ordered it, we can try to get that particular item sent as a separate shipment by airfreight, but will have to charge you for the additional shipping costs we will incur.


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Did you know?

According to studies, there are a number of important benefits for children who are introduced to music at an early age including improved academic performance.  Playing a musical instrument has been found to benefit children by:
  • helping to develop creativity
  • developing hand-eye coordination
  • enhancing motor skills
  • promoting social interaction
  • building self esteem

So give your child better opportunities for their development with one or more of our Schoenhut® musical instruments.